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Grey Beard Pumps - Oil Changing Pumps Grey Beard Pumps - Oil Changing Pumps

Almost everyone detests changing oil. Cleaning up the last of the water in your bilge isnít much better. But, thanks to our friend Grey Beard, thereís no reason to put off these vital tasks any more. Grey Beard knew there must be a better way to change the fluids in his boat, motorcycle, and car. So he got to thinking about the reliability of IV pump technology and invented a product that offers a better, no-mess way to pump fluids. The least we could do was name the pump after him.

Grey Beard Pumps—the most convenient, self-priming, electric pumps available.

Grey Beard Pumps have a constant flow rate, so the work is easy and you can get on with your life. Connect the tubes to the pump, place one tube in the fluid to be removed and the other into a recycle container, and the pump is ready to go—no priming needed. It can even run dry without damage. Grey Beard Pumps truly are the effortless way to pump. Pump Easy. Play Hard with Grey Beard Pumps.

Have you used your Grey Beard Pump for a special project? Let us know.

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