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Grey Beard Pumps™
HPP Series Peristaltic Pump
HDC Series Water Pump
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Grey Beard Peristaltic Pumps



  • Precise 6~1200ml per minute flow rate based on different input voltages
  • DC motor with quality assurance
  • High-quality PharMEDŽ inner tubing meets USP ClassVI, FDA and NSF criteria
  • Preassembled food grade PVC tubing OR standard 1/8 NPT male fittings
  • Broad customization options
  • Quick pump head assembly replacement (no tools required)
  • Quiet operation
  • Long, maintenance-free operation life
  • High quality manufacturing and materials
  • Cover lock for bi-directional operation
  • Sleek design
  • Snap-in or screw mount installation
  • ISO 9001 supplier
  • Patent pending
  • Custom made
  • Low cost


  • Dish washer
  • Plant growing
  • Food processing
  • Laundry equipment

Available Models

Available Modules - Specifications Grey Beard Pumps

Various Options for External Connection

External Pump Connections - Grey Beard Pumps

External Barbed Connectors

External Pump Barbed Connections - Grey Beard Pumps

General Dimensions

Pump General Dimensions - Grey Beard Pumps


Pump Installation - Grey Beard Pumps

Easy Replacement for the Pump Head Assembly

Pump Head Assembly - Easy Replacement - Grey Beard Pumps

PharMED® Tubing Physical Properties

Peristaltic Pump Tubing Life - Grey Beard Pumps

Various Tubing for Selection

Pump Various Tubing - Grey Beard Pumps


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