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S E Moulding Home Page


Z-Band, Inc.
“S E Moulding was very responsive to our needs. Their parts had dimensional accuracy from the very start.” &mdash.R. Snyder, Vice President, Z-Band, Inc.

Soft Swipe®
Faced with a factory closing, Soft Swipe contacted S E Moulding. In order to meet Soft Swipefs needs, SEM arranged to reengineer their molds, lower prices, and ship directly to Soft Swipefs customers.

Scratch N All®
“We could no longer afford the time, pricing, and huge minimum orders from our Chinese suppliers. S E Moulding stepped in, modified the tooling, and found the perfect resin. SEM worked with us to cover our current production needs and has contributed to our overall success.” —Cynthia G., Inventor and Owner, Scratch N All

Lap Belt Cinch, Inc.
Finding S E Mouldingfs off shore contacts and delivery better then their current supplier, Lap Belt Cinch switched all production for their SeatSnug® and CG Lock® products to SEM. “We should have done this a long time ago.” —Charles C., CEO, Lap Belt Cinch, Inc.

Grey Beard Pumps
“I was happy to receive a Grey Beard pump late yesterday, and of course I had to try it out! All I did was put it down the dipstick tube in my Yukon, took out about 1.2 gallon of oil, then reversed it and put a 1.2 gallon back in. It worked like a dandy! The pump primed very easily and I barely got my hands dirty. I am going to use it on my 4-wheeler, golf cart, and mowers next because they all have hard-to-reach drain plugs.” —Wayne H.


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